22.08 New EDU package for PROGRAMMING learning!

We are happy to inform that Funtronic Floor has the new EDU package called FUNCODING which develops the skills and competences needed in the programming process among the youngest. From now on, children through play and movement will be able to practice logical and analytical thinking needed in the real programming. There are 3 packages available depending on the age and level of education:

  • kindergarten (3-5 years old) – preparation for programming and learning the programming language,
  • primary school (early education, 6-8 years old) – the basics of creating algorithms and teamwork,
  • primary school (9+ years old) – more advanced algorithms, existing game modification and new game creation.

Every package has 5 interactive games created by the best Polish preschool and school IT methodologists. Additionally teachers get booklet (incl. lesson plans) how to effectively teach programming with Funtronic Floor

How to get the FUNCODING package? Please contact your local distributor for details.